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From Instagram to EyeEm with just 1‑click!

From Instagram to EyeEm with just 1‑click!

Migrate all your photos from your existing profile on Instagram to your profile on EyeEm with this free easy 1‑click solution

Migrate NOW!

The missing gear

There was not any tool to move you photos from Instagram to EyeEm... until now!

Knows where you've been

Keep and migrate geolocation data and smoothly integrate with FourSquare and EyeEm integration

Safer than safe

At the end of the migration you'll have all your photos on both Instagram and EyeEm.
You'll choose what to keep...

You'll love it!

It's simple, it's easy, it's a straightforward solution that only need you to click a button.

Knows what's important to you

Every hashtag and keyword set on you photos will be kept and migrated effortlessly.

A price you cannot beat

Even though I accept donations if you think this tool is useful and to support it...
It's completely FREE to use and enjoy!

Creating this free web tool involved my energy, my passion and my spare time.

If you think this tool is useful and if you would like to support my work and my passion...
Please donate what you think it deserves.
There is no minimum and no maximum allowed amount... just donate what you think is fair!
Thank you!
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